New to Yoga?

Take time for yourself and your practice.

Yoga Well strives to help make your practice what is perfect for you. Always feel confident communicating your needs with your instructor, and let them know if you are not interested in adjustments or if you have any physical considerations.

Feel free to contact us through email or phone with questions, or to just show up at a class that fits your schedule. We are excited to grow, and to deepen Yoga offerings to Nevada County. We are excited to serve you and to see you on your mat getting stronger and more flexible, in a safe and nurturing way.

Thoughts to consider:

Wear loose fitting or easy movement clothes.

Arrive 5 -10 minutes early so we can all begin on time. If you do arrive late, please do not enter until you can see the class has begun movement, and only if you are not more than 20 minutes late.

Please bring a towel if you perspire a lot.

Please avoid wearing perfume or heavy makeup that may rub off on mats or blankets. Yoga Well has mats and props, but you are welcome to bring your own as well if you would like.

Eat lightly, or try to avoid eating for 2-3 hours before Yoga.


Why Yoga Well? Through yoga and other movement therapies, we seek an ever-stronger community. Practicing presence, body awareness and a commitment to sustainable health, Yoga Well’s educated and experienced teachers honor your increased wellness as the ultimate goal. Yoga Well is here to bring you classical yoga and modern movement modalities for a balanced life. Namaste and wellness blessings~





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